20 Extremely Upsetting Instagram Food Photos That Should Never Have Been Taken

I'll start out by saying that these foods were probably all very delicious. Which is why the folks who photographed them should have just eaten them instead.
1. This isn't food. This is post-food.
2. This is straight-up just a picture of a swamp.
3. Mmm, hockey puck with tomato paste.
4. Loaf of tragedy.
5. No.
6. It's blurry AND disgusting!
7. This candy bar was murdered. In the 1970s.
8. I want to know what that is floating there, but also I do not.
9. Barf.
10. Vom.
11. Chunk.
12. I think your goldfish died.
13. I'd rather not.
14. Your sandwich threw up. Not a good sign.
15. Ghost chicken.
16. Convince me this isn't just a picture of a mop bucket with a potato in it.
17. These probably taste great. This photo does not.
18. The puke pizza, combined with the way that hot dog is touching that churro, is grossing me out.
19. This looks injured.
20. Pizza and burgers are supposed to be delicious. You ruined this.

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