These Super Close-Up Photos of Animal Eyes Are So Gross and So Amazing

Photographer Suren Manvelyan took these ultra-close photos of animal eyeballs - can you guess which one is which? The answers are below each photo.
1. Llama
2. Horse
3. Cow
4. Coral zebra fish
5. Crocodile
6. Duck
7. Guinea pig
8. Husky dog
9. Black rabbit
10. Blue and yellow macaw
11. Hyena
12. Iguana
13. British domestic shorthair cat
14. Lark
15. Lemur
16. Pekingese dog
17. Discus fish
18. Chimpanzee
19. Siamese cat
20. Stingray
21. Snail

Via Suren Manvelyan

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