23 Hilariously Misspelled Tattoo Fails

These people should have gotten a second pair of eyes on their ink.
1. No it's don't.
2. I regert not hiring a proofreader.
3. My dad is my straight line. My brother is my inclined plane.
4. I can't move anywhere until you get that lasered off.
5. "Because I love my wife Marsha so much."
6. Not technically a misspelling, but still wrong.
7. Ye Olde Prome Queene.
8. In this case, YOLO would have been preferable.
9. Even this misspelled tattoo will someday return to the earth.
10. That's not good, you might have diabetes.
11. Do you see it? :)
12. Honestly, the misspelling isn't even the worst thing here.
13. Same sentiment, now with delicious fudge.
15. Spelling mistake aside, that seems like a LOT of laughter.
16. ...how to spell the word "tomorrow."
17. You know what? You deserve this. This tattoo is terrible.
18. But always DO give...wait.
19. This isn't the misspelling you think. This is a reminder to love his brother Youseff, who is kind of a dick.
20. I think that might be a modified Disney font.
21. SO close.
22. Olive Oylmpic.
23. This isn't misspelled, but it is awful, and it sums up this list quite nicely.

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