20 Ways Penguins Are The Cutest Bird On Earth

Did you know that April 25th is World Penguin Day? I didn't, because to me, EVERY DAY IS PENGUIN DAYYYY. Here are a few reasons penguins are the cutest and best.

1. This thing right here.

2. Their group hopping.

3. I mean.

4. Come on.

5. Their waddling.

6. Stop it. (Never stop.)

7. Their cuteness when they are babies!!

8. Their protection of their cute babies.

9. Their running, waddling cuteness, all here in one gif.

10. They can be graceful sometimes..

11. ...or try to be graceful, at least.

12. But sometimes they trip and fall like we do!

13. Surprisingly often.

14. Seriously.

15. They're actually quite awkward.

16. Maybe that's why I relate to them so much.

17. This.

18. They can be sweethearts to each other.

19. They can use, and be confused by, an iPad.

Happy World Penguin Day! Now go find a penguin to be your friend like this man did: