23 Ridiculously Incorrect (But Still Probably Delicious) Cakes

Someone needed to double-check these cakes first.

1. SixWHAT?

2. It was supposed to say "awesome."

3. He Is Raisin!

4. Extra special people volunteer.

5. I get it. "Achieve" is tricky.

6. ...but this person had no excuse. JUST COPY THE LITTLE PLASTIC THINGS.

7. "Oh shoot, it's not going to fit - you know what, I'll just write it again. That's fine. That looks fine."

8. Your prize is: being 30.

9. This was actually supposed to say "Fell the Tinder" because this person keeps getting swiped left.

10. "She comes at night and pulls out all the weeds. I've never seen her."

11. At least it's not "15st."

12. Read this one in Hagrid's voice.

13. SO close.

14. Less close.

15. Somehow even less close.

16. So much is wrong in so few words.

17. On the top line.

18. This was probably supposed to be a picture. Of a polar BEAR.

19. Putting aside the fact that it says "Windons," what in the WORLD is up with this "design"?

20. I can't deal with this one.

21. No.

22. Rejected.

23. This isn't misspelled, but. Sigh.

All cakes via the ever-delightful Cake Wrecks.

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