34 Completely Terrible Tattoos of Celebrities

These superfans took it to the next level and got the object of their idolatry inked on their person.

1. Dead man Walken.
2. Jesus.
3. This is a really beautiful tattoo until you realized that it's supposed to be Marilyn Monroe. Have you seen a picture of Marilyn Monroe? Ever?
4. This is...a lot. There's just a lot.
5. Incorrect.
6. This is either Lil Wayne or a map of the Rocky Mountains.
7. Avril Lavigne, possessed.
8. Step Brothers. On a butt.
9. I'm not sure what's worse, the drawing, or putting "He touched so many" underneath it.
10. Should have refused this offer.
11. This tattoo looks great. But I have bad news for you.
13. Putting the "maniac" in "Hulkamaniac."
14. The fact that it's Miley is one level of bad. The fact that it's THIS Miley is next level bad.
15. That's just, like...not him. At all.
16. Can you even tell who this is supposed to be?
It's Freddie Mercury. This does not honor his memory.
17. I'm so sorry, Mr. President.
19. I am one of the 5 people who loves Celine Dion and this is unacceptable.
20. Not SUPER sure who this is supposed to be. Axl? Let's say Axl.
21. Some like it blob.
22. This is a centaur version of Patrick Swayze in a Chippendales shirt. It's actually a GREAT idea. Just poorly executed.
23. Nicki Minaj(ish).
24. Why would you do this to your body?
25. David Hasselhoff with a puppy. I have so many questions.
26. What.
27. Timeless.
28. Yes, that is Adam Duritz of Counting Crows fame, OBVIOUSLY.
29. Sure. Okay.
30. Which is weirder, putting Dr. Phil on your butt...
31. ...or Tupac on your thumb?
32. Okay, this one might not be a celebrity. But WOW it is bad.
33. Okay, this one is actually amazing. Weird, but amazing.

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