19 Photos That Prove Goats Love To Stand On Things

Goats will stand on anything. They love standing on things. Want proof? Keep scrolling.
1. Goats love to be on things.
2. In the wild, this instinct helps them climb cliffs.
3. In human places, they STILL climb, even when signs say not to.
4. Oh, you just washed your car? DON'T CARE.
5. Bumper car? WORKS TOO.
6. Ladders are meant for climbing anyway. These two goats can share.
7. Get up on that roof, goat.
8. The goats prefer a mountain...
9. ...but a motorcycle will do.
10. This goat seems to want a challenge.
11. This goat wants to take it easy.
12. But all goats want to be on SOMETHING.
13. Whether a tiny shed with a lone goat...
14. ...or a whole tree full of goats, they will find a way.
15. They will even use other animals, like cows.
16. Or sheep.
18. Or humans.
19. Hey! Chicken on a goat! THE WORLD IS UPSIDE-DOWN.

20. In conclusion, please enjoy this ode to a baby goat on a pig.


All photos from Goats On Things on Tumblr.

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