These Two Dogs Are Best Friends And Their Insanely Cute Pictures Are Killing Me

Harlow is a Weimaraner. Indiana is a Dachshund. They are adorbs.
1. This is Indiana and Harlow.
2. They are two doggie besties.
3. They have a very exciting life.
4. As Indiana can tell you.
5. Well, PRETTY exciting, anyway.
6. They get to hang out in beautiful parks.
7. They get to hang out with beautiful blankets.
8. Actually, blankets are often part of their exciting life.
9. Because NAPS are often a part of it.
10. Quite often.
11. Naps are pretty great.
12. But they do other fun things too!
13. Like learn good table manners.
14. And take more naps!!
15. Or steal each others' toys.
16. Or get into trouble.
17. All that trouble was tiring. MORE NAPS.
18. Harlow and Indy, we salute you.
19. You are the cutest!

See more cute pictures on their Instagram page!!

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