18 Babies With Eyebrows Drawn On Their Faces. These Are Adorable and Hilarious.

Babies! They can't ask you to stop drawing eyebrows on their faces, so why not draw eyebrows on their faces? It's adorable AND hilarious, my two favorite things.
1. Magnum, P.I. Baby.
2. Divine Baby.
3. French Baby.
4. Dali Baby.
5. Baby of Many Faces.
6. Quizzical Baby.
7. Pensive Baby.
8. Wig Baby.
9. Fierce Baby.
10. Serene Baby.
11.Surprised Baby.
12. Happy Baby.
13. Evil Baby.
14. Jail Baby.
15. Perturbed Baby.
16. Supermodel Baby.
17. Delighted Baby.
18. Natural Brows Baby.

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