The 17 Most Hilarious and Amazing Panorama Photo 'Fails' Ever

Sometimes, you try to take a panorama photo. Sometimes, it doesn't go as you planned. But that doesn't mean it wasn't an amazing photo.
1. When animals walk through your panorama photo, this happens.
2. Or this.
3. Or this, the rare llama-goldendoodle hybrid.
4. A Boston Caterpillar is difficult to walk.
5. But a half-cat is much easier to brush.
6. The Xtra Long Corgi is flexible.
7. You're going to need a bigger scratching post.
9. Falcor??? Is that you?
10. A dog and a horse had a baby. Here it is.
11. Why the long body?
12. It's not just dogs and cats that can be affected.
13. Or even just animals. Your limo's here!
14. I thought mini horses were supposed to be cute. This is terrifying.
15. It's a even more alarming when humans get involved.
16. Are you...okay?
17. The end!

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