20 Hilarious Notes Written By Children To Their Moms

Wondering what to do for Mom to show your love? Take a tip from these kids, who really know what Moms like.
1. Tell your mom you love her. And how often.
2. Add drawings to really drive home your message of love.
3. Let her know your boundaries.
4. Be grateful.
5. Let her know if there's anything she could be doing better.
6. Schedule time to talk with her if you need to.
For those wondering, the note reads: "Mom hhhh I really love you. But why do you ruin each day of my life. I'll be on the front porch if you want to talk with me."
7. Be honest with her.
8. Don't be upset if she needs a reminder about your feelings on cheese.
9. Always say thank you.
10. Compliments are always welcome.
11. Be ready to apologize, even if you don't know why.
12. Commit to your beliefs. She'll be proud of you.
13. Let her know how you feel, really.
14. But HOW MUCH do you love her?
16. Someday, you'll leave the nest. Make sure Mom is prepared.
17. Take ownership of your own belongings.
18. If you go somewhere, leave a note so she won't worry.
19. Parents need to know the consequences of their actions just like kids do.
20. Always write back to your mom's notes.

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