23 Pictures of Animals Holding Their Stuffed Animals Will Put A Smile On Your Face

If you're having a bad day, these guys will make it good - and if you're having a good day, these guys will make it great!!
1. Twinsies!
2. He is my friend, and my necklace.
3. Cutie corgis.
4. Snuggle penguin!
5. Twinsies are very popular.
6. VERY popular and VERY cute.
7. This husky has a couple buddies!
8. This husky just has one.
9. Bulldog buds.
10. Which one of you is real??
11. But you don't have to match your pal.
12. Maybe you have an orange teddy bear.
13. Or a purple...this thing.
14. Or you stole that snuggle penguin from earlier!
15. Cats can get in on the snugs too.
16. After all, they nap A LOT.
17. Hey! That's Garfield's bear.
18. This kitty AND this stuffed kitty are both named Jelly.
19. Professionally cute.
20. "This is my bear. You can't share."
21. Leave us alone, please.
22. I'm a safari dachshund.
23. You don't even have to be a pet to enjoy a stuffed friend.

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