This Lion, Tiger, and Bear Are Friends After They Were Rescued Together

This is just an incredibly sweet story.
This lion, tiger, and bear are best friends! They even live together in the same enclosure.
Meet Baloo the bear, Leo the lion, and Shere Khan the tiger. They're named after characters in the Jungle Book.
They were rescued during a drug raid when they were only a few months old.
Baloo the bear was the most seriously injured.
Baloo needed surgery for his injuries, and it was the only time the three friends have ever been separated.
Baloo, Shere Khan, and Leo now live together at the Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary in Georgia.
It's dinnertime at Noah's Ark Sanctuary and the friends are waiting for their food.
Feeding these guys is not cheap. Food for a week costs more than for an average family of four humans.

You can make a donation here to the Noah's Ark Sanctuary to help support their awesome work.

H/T Reddit.

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