16 Insanely Gorgeous Rainbow Hair Looks That You Will Immediately Want

These women have ridiculously beautiful dye jobs and I want them all.
1. Rainbow hair is only for the bold.
2. The brave.
3. ...and the beautiful.
4. It can be relatively subdued...
5. ...or totally outrageous.
6. A pinwheel approach can be adorable.
7. Or you can stripe it!
6. You can focus on the cool end of the spectrum...
9. ...or warm it up like this lady.
10. This ombre rainbow. I want it.
11. Pastels can be quite arresting, like this mermaid look.
12. Actually, a mermaid might look more like this.
12. This two-tone look is perfect.
14. Subtle rainbow hair CAN be achieved.
15. High fashion rainbow hair.
16. Have fun with your hair!

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