13 Adorable Animals Demonstrate Yoga Poses For You. These Are the Cutest!

Yoga seems like an ancient human invention, but some of these photos seem to suggest otherwise...
1. Cobra pose is best enjoyed on the beach by humans and animals alike.
2. Chair pose is especially cute when a baby anteater does it.
3. Downward-facing dog...cat-style.
4. Lotus Lemur is wise.
5. This polar bear's plow pose needs a bit of work...but it's still very cute!
6. Naturally, this owl is very good at tree pose.
7. Waterfall pose can be difficult.
8. This seal wanted to do half-moon pose, but she doesn't have feet.
9. This twisted chair pose looks tricky!
10. This duck's warrior 3 pose is quite lovely.
11. A wide seated forward bend is no problem for this lizard.
12. Ahhh, time for savasana.
13. This is as close as a sloth can get to warrior 2 pose.

Special thanks to my personal yoga expert Lauren for some assistance on this.

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