14 Incredible Same-Sex Wedding Cakes That Will Make You Want to Get Married

Same-sex marriage just became legal in Oregon and Pennsylvania. To celebrate, here are some of the most awesome same-sex wedding cake ideas out there.

1. Rainbow roses are a classic and beautiful style of same-sex wedding cake.
2. ...and they look even better with a cake topper.
3. Bright rainbow flowers will look awesome at your garden wedding.
4. If you're not into rainbow cakes, this pastel cake is a nice backdrop for a cute cake topper.
6. ...or you might like the pearl-gray theme of this tasteful cake-topping couple.
6. Here's a classic white cake with pastel roses.
7. Or how about this totally not-classic lime-green cake with an adorable couple on top.
8. But honestly, the rainbow roses are pretty awesome.
9. There are so many ways to style them.
10. Or you can go rainbow saturation with an ombre rainbow cake.
11. Rainbow butterflies are delightful and romantic.
12. I can't get enough of these.
13. This is how to do a rainbow wedding cake with an awesome 80s theme.
14. Here's one more with rainbow roses, because these are just gorgeous.

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