Watch This Ridiculously Adorable Baby Goat Use Wheels To Get Around

This baby goat, Frostie, lives at Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary, which is about an hour's drive north of Melbourne, Australia.

IF I LEAVE RIGHT NOW I CAN BE THERE BY TOMORROW. OR YESTERDAY. I'm not sure how that International Date Line thing works. He is sick and doesn't have the use of his back legs, but THAT WON'T STOP HIM. Check out this amazingly cute video.

If you heard the lady in the video say that Frostie borrowed the wheels from Leon Trotsky and wondered who that was, WONDER NO LONGER. IT IS THIS MINI PIG.

Sometimes he wears SWEATERS. I mean. Come on.

Here's a video of Leon, trotting around:

More cuteness at the Edgar's Mission website.

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