Don't Worry, Everyone. We've Found The Cutest Maltese Puppy.

Well, this is just about the cutest puppy ever. Jeez.
1. Monte the Maltese is a teeny puppy.
2. He drives a teeny car.
3. Sometimes, that car is a boat.
4. Sometimes, he drives a teeny tractor.
5. He can sit in a Cabbage Patch doll chair.
6. He can hitch a ride on his friend Dexter's back.
7. Or on this itty-bitty skateboard.
8. He has an outfit for every occasion. Work!
9. Casual Friday!
10. Party time!!!
11. He has many friends.
12. Some are snuggle buddies.
13. Some are big buddies.
14. And some can keep him camouflaged!

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