The 14 Worst Father's Day Gifts of All Time

Father's Day SEEMS like it's a day to celebrate your dad or dad-like figure, but in reality, it was created by tie manufacturers to allow them to unload their terrible ties. Here are a few more awful gift ideas for Dad...though if you disagree, they're all for sale right now. :)
1. Flair Hair
It's a visor with hair ALREADY ON IT. So Dad can look stupid, instead of bald.
2. Tattoopees.
If that visor wasn't stupid enough, here's the solution.
3. Finger Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer
A trimmer might be a nice, practical gift for Dad, but this one is going to make him feel silly every time he uses it.
4. Sandal Socks
Or are these sock sandals? In any event, there's no need to encourage more sock-sandal combinations.
5. Subtle Butt
These are fart filters.
6. Belly Button Brush
For the linty dad.
7. Emergency Underpants Dispenser
For when Subtle Butt isn't sufficient.
8. Personalized Tie With His Children's Names
As if this tie wasn't terrible enough, they went and put the names in some sort of modified "a child wrote this" Comic Sans. What event could Dad possibly wear this to, except Father's Day brunch?
9. Beer Holster
...okay, maybe this one is all right.
10. Beer Belly
Is your dad always complaining about the $10 beers at the ballpark?
11. Dragon Meat
For Game of Thrones-loving dads.
12. Dried Zombie Skin
For The Walking Dead-loving dads.
13. This Weird-Ass Crystal Photo Thing
What even is this.
14. Darth Vader World's Greatest Dad Tee
Is this shirt implying that the WEARER is the world's greatest dad or that DARTH VADER is?? First of all, which world? Alderaan? Tattooine? The forest moon of Endor?? Second of all, regardless of which world...he's not a super-good dad. Sorry, bro.

Happy Father's Day, everyone!

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