20 Reasons You Should Definitely Have An Animal At Your Wedding

Props to the intrepid photographers who have captured these moments so beautifully.
1. I'm going to need to reserve these chickens for my own wedding photo shoot.
2. Pigs are loyal and smart, two qualities you should look for in a spouse.
3. Hey. Hey guys.
4. "And the groom will need an owling glove." "Excuse me?" "An owling glove. To hold his owl."
5. These people took a big gamble by including their cat.
6. A baby goat can serve as a "groom's bouquet." (Don't throw him, though!!)
7. No flower girl? Get some festive donkeys.
8. "I swear to god, Clip Clop, if you ruin one more photo."
9. You can hang out with ponies...
10. ...or ride them! This symbolizes the start of your new life together. Somehow.
11. I NEED to have a sloth at my wedding. I NEED IT.
12. Alpacas make for great photos, but do NOT let them near the flowers.
13. A sea of chickens represents your sea of love.
14. I don't know what this represents, though.
15. We see your chickens and we raise you PENGUINS.
16. I wonder if she wore these baby chicks down the aisle.
17. See? This bride is wearing her snake.
18. This wasn't a competition, but I think these people are actually the winners.
19. Okay, they're tied for first.
20. I moo.

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