21 Reasons You Should Definitely Take a Hedgehog On Your Next Road Trip

Traveling is fun, but traveling with a hedgehog is better.
1. This is Biddy.
2. He is a pygmy hedgehog...and traveler.
3. He makes every view just a little bit sweeter.
4. The Painted Hills are gorgeous...and adorable.
5. Mount Rushmore is impressive...and adorable.
6. Biddy is smaller than a dahlia.
7. But bigger than Devil's Tower. (Well, from this perspective.)
8. He likes to pose with new friends, like this dinosaur.
9. Or this hungry horse.
10. Or these wind turbines.
11. Or even a whole PILE of new friends! Wait. You guys are pine cones.
12. Sometimes he takes the wheel!
13. But most of the time he's content to stay cozy in a nice blanket.
14. He also has a great love of waterfalls.
15. Probably because they make him look so majestic (and adorable).
16. He enjoys nature...
17. ...but likes spending time in cities, too! Here's Portland.
18. And Seattle (duh).
19. Even savvy travelers have their favorite toys, though.
20. And while Biddy may love to explore the world around him...
21. ...he always comes back home when he's done.

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