18 Pieces of Light-Up Clothing You Didn't Realize You Needed

These amazing light-up clothes will make you extra visible at the club.
1. This fiber optic dress by Natalie Walsh is lovely AND luminescent.
Check it out in action:

2. This dress is embedded with LED lights that react to the voice of the person wearing it.

Listen to Cary Ann Rosko improvise for the dress's benefit:


3. Yes, these two dresses made of photoluminescent material are moving.

They're REALLY cool:

4. Going to the club? Try this awesome look from Lumigram.
5. If that's not sufficiently bold, this one has some fiber optics too.
6. You can even advertise your favorite drink!
7. Are those space pants? Because your butt is out of this world!

8. If you want everyone to be sure of your plan for the evening, here's a hat for you from Electric Styles.

9. These light-up fluffy boots will help you navigate the rugged Coachella terrain.
10. And this bra will help your friends find you in a crowd.
11. What the well-dressed man is wearing.
12. I have a leopard print hat and I am ALWAYS thinking, "this would be better with LEDs."
13. I need this coat. To go with my hat, obviously.
14. It stands for "Party Dude."

15. This ensemble gives a whole new meaning to "fireman."

16. Here's a practical use for light-up clothes: bicycle turn signals!

Here's the demonstration video:


17. And finally, this amazing dress:

I encourage you to watch the video of this one. It's awesome.


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