17 Totally Extreme Weddings That Produced The Most Awesome Photos Ever

Getting married is already a pretty intense experience - but these people took it up a notch.
1. These people rode a roller coaster. Here's hoping their marriage is a smooth ride!
2. The best way to incorporate motocross into your wedding.
3. This snowboarding couple is extremely photogenic.
4. Which do you think messes up a wedding dress more? Skiing...
6. Well, this dress is definitely ruined. (But the photo is awesome.)
7. These folks used water JET PACKS at their wedding.
8. This might not look extreme, but it is in Siberia. It's -30 Celsius (that's -22 Fahrenheit, so...still REAL cold).
9. Bungee jumping is a popular extreme wedding look.
10. These people have to be professional models, though. Come on.
11. One plane has the bride, another the groom, and the middle has the officiant.
12. This couple started their ceremony on the ground with a plane in back...
...so they could exchange rings while skydiving!
13. This isn't a real wedding, just a photo shoot. But still. That woman dressed as a bride is REALLY on that rope.
14. Zero-gravity wedding! Start your new life by vomiting on your partner and see how they react.
16. This is actually a "trash the dress" photo, but it's so extreme I had to include it.
17. These people might look like they're having a pretty chill wedding, but they're ON TOP OF MOUNT EVEREST. MOST EXTREME.
18. These people didn't plan to have an extreme wedding, but when wildfires started heading straight for their ceremony, they got some incredible shots.

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