22 Brand-Name Tattoos That Are Surprisingly Awesome

These people are big fans of these companies.
1. This Starbucks tattoo is actually really cool.
2. Not sure if this is a nod to Campbell's or Warhol, but the effect is the same.
3. Canadians, amirite??
4. These buds all got the Chipotle logo on their lower extremities. Not gonna lie...kind of want a burrito bowl right now.
5. You keep runnin' on Dunkin', girl.
6. This guy couldn't make up his mind!
7. This is the most beautiful rendering of the Colonel I've ever seen.
8. Simple and elegant.
9. I prefer the "classic" logo. But you do you, man.
10. The quarter is for scale, but what part of the body is this?
11. If you're going to get a beer tattoo, maybe pick a better beer?
12. Love it.
13. I have no idea why Toucan Sam is attacking the Cocoa Krispies monkey, but this is actually a gorgeously-done tattoo.
14. Just do it.
15. Considering the association between bikers and tattoos, this one actually makes sense.
16. The placement makes sense.
17. Tatuering.
18. Apple just bought this guy's favorite brand for $3 billion.
19. Though the font choice is odd, the colors are perfect.
20. Chomp chomp chomp.
21. Does this still count as a brand tattoo if it's spelled "peanut butta"?
22. This is just a lot.

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