20 Parents Who Failed So Hard They Almost Won

Being a parent is hard. Days like this will always happen.
1. She's going to be a great artist one day.
2. Fail for the parents, win for this kid!
3. This looks uncomfortable, but this child DOES appear to be asleep, so.
4. Looks great.
5. That's a doggie door.
6. Very popular with toddlers who think they're dogs.
7. The age old competition of Baby Head Cookie Stacking.
8. Mommy's little wino.
9. This baby has great taste in booze.
10. Yes, I KNOW it's a cartoon, but this show is NOT for kids.
11. Ma'am, your child is slowly turning into the Hulk.
12. Also not a show for kids. This is an...adult program.
13. Why would you let your children sit on this man's lap??
14. You know what? This child is expressing herself. PARENTING WIN.
15. Mom and Dad BOTH oversaw these shoes. Neither noticed.
16. Why would you do this?
17. Listen...it's a GOOD song.
18. "Screw it, just give them the whole darn thing and some spoons." Once again, I'm calling this a win.
19. Honestly, this baby looks pretty chill.
20. This is a parenting fail...but a grandparenting win.

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