14 Incredibly Creative Prom Outfits Made Entirely Out of DUCT TAPE

Are you aware that each year, Duck Tape brand duct tape sponsors a contest for teens in which they construct a PROM OUTFIT entirely from DUCT TAPE? Well, now you know.

And this isn't just, like, wrapping some tape around their body and calling it a day. This is HOURS and HOURS of designing and constructing, with the chance to win a cash prize as well as a donation to their school. Here are some of this year's finest entries.

1. Elizabeth and Evan opted for a beautiful blue theme inspired by the sea.
2. This steampunk-y look from Miranda and Jeremy is ridiculously cool.
3. I am OBSESSED with this flamenco-style dress that Ronnita is wearing. Her date, Jeremy, complements it nicely.
4. Ryan and Gabrielle are working a 1920s vibe.
5. Ryley and Moss spent 186 hours on this one - and the work really shows! Those feathers are gorgeous.
6. I love Kechantra and Jeffery's ensemble, because she can have a full-length dress for the dance...
...and a mini for the afterparty!
7. The flames on Morgan and Dale's looks are so well-done.
8. I love how Alese and Victoria both used gold in their dresses to tie their look together.
9. Emily and Isaac, on the other hand, went FULL METAL OUTFIT and I love it.
10. Elizabeth and Tim look like sky royalty.
11. Loving the color combo on Julianne and Jorge's looks.
12. And it looks like Blair and Zac couldn't decide on a color, so they used EVERYTHING. Dope kilt, Zac!!
13. Each individual flower on Mikael and Michelle's outfits is - once again - MADE OF DUCT TAPE.
14. And finally, an awesome circus look from Emmett and Abigail.
You can vote for your favorites on the Duck Tape website, but honestly, I can't pick!

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