This French Bulldog Has A Better Wardrobe Than You Do

Trotter is a French bulldog who wears clothes and is the best.
1. She can get glam.
2. Or mysterious.
3. She is ready for Pride Month.
4. Or a picnic on the beach.
5. Giving us Carmen Sandiego vibes.
6. Chicken.
7. She can be a sleuth.
8. Or Disney fan.
9. She likes donuts.
10. And also Jamba Juice. (I sort of forgot about Jamba Juice and now I want one.)
11. Pink is a great color on her.
12. But honestly, all colors are great on her.
13. She can be proper with a pipe.
14. Or fancy with feathers.
15. Trotter likes to get her pals in on the action as well!
16. Go get 'em, Trotter!!
More of Trotter's outfits can be seen on her Instagram!

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