17 Pinterest Fails To Avoid At Your Backyard Barbecue This Summer

You want to make your summer BBQ great, so you look for some fun ideas to jazz up your backyard party. But don't do what these people did.
1. That second watermelon looks like a whimsical summer murderer's disguise.
2. White chocolate covered strawberries are delicious when they don't look like they're covered in horrifying mold.
3. I don't think kiwi fruit was meant to do this.
4. They look so sad.
5. There's always room. ALWAYS.
6. Your 4th of July outfit is ready.
7. Caramel apple bites for your guests, just like the state fair!
8. Why do people insist on icing watermelon like it's cake? IT'S NOT CAKE.
9. At least this one is actually cake.
10. I think better lighting would have prevented these things from looking like burnt sausages covered in strawberries.
11. This was supposed to look like a carrot, but instead it looks like a poster of the female reproductive system.
12. Lego cookies for the kids! Yes. That's a lego, Aidan. IT'S A LEGO, NOW STOP BOTHERING MOMMY.
13. Honestly, this looks PRETTY good, but apparently it took four hours.
14. Triflin'.
15. This woman is my hero.
16. Would you serve this at your BBQ?
17. I'm meltinggggggg.

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