17 Horrifying Jell-O Salads That Will Make You Wonder How Humans Are Still Alive

Look, I'm from the Midwest. I've been eating Jell-O for a long time. I've even had Jell-O with vegetables in it (orange jello with shredded carrots). But these monstrosities should never have existed.
1. Hey, what goes with lime Jell-O? Shrimp and apples, obviously.
2. This one makes use of Jell-O's natural partner, tuna.
3. Do you like Bloody Marys and avocados? CONGRATULATIONS, THEY'RE BOTH RUINED.
4. This one is called "Perfection Salad" because compared to it, all other foods are perfection.
5. This is a prettier version of Perfection Salad. It is still a horrible monster.
6. There is ONION and MAYONNAISE and COTTAGE CHEESE in here. I don't want to talk about what's in the middle.
7. "We got this new food for Whiskers, but she doesn't like it." "Well, just put it in the middle of a creamy lime Jell-O ring for the kids."
8. What did Spaghetti-Os ever do to deserve this?!
9. What's more appetizing than an avocado gelatin mold shaped like a turkey?
10. A chicken noodle soup gelatin mold shaped like a turkey, of course.
11. We had all these leftover cut-up veggies from the party so we just threw them in Jell-O towers. Like you do.
12. Do you like mint jelly with your lamb? How about this mint Jell-O? It's got veggies built right in! CONVENIENCE.
13. You know how I like to eat salmon? In lemony tower form.
14. "Just put everything in there. Yeah, just everything basically."
15. "Do we have any hard-boiled eggs? Put those in, that's fine and not at all gross."
16. "And make sure to make the gelatin REALLY clear so I can get a good look at that ham."

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