21 Insanely Gorgeous Tattoos That Are Also Stunning Works of Art

These gorgeous tattoos are by Sasha Unisex, a tattoo artist based in St. Petersburg, Russia. She has an awesome style all her own. Check out these amazing animal tattoos from her Instagram!
1. A psychedelic cat.
2. A space whale!
3. A beautiful elephant.
4. Two gorgeous fish.
5. A stunning fox.
6. A cute blue frenchie!
7. Matching raccoons for a couple.
8. Matching cat heads for this lady.
9. Which lion do you like?
10. A pair of complementary tats for two friends.
11. Just a regular old whale.
12. Love this polar bear.
13. This rat is surprisingly cute.
14. A mesmerizing blue cat.
15. I thought this was an owl, but it's also a cat.
16. A galaxy bird!
17. A turtle on a bed of coins for some reason.
18. A wolf puppy.
19. A unicorn!
20. Not all her works are animals.
21. But even her beets are beautiful.
See more Sasha Unisex originals on Instagram!

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