15 Totally Creative and Crazy Coffins

We've all got to go sometime. Might as well take that last ride in style!
1. This guy loves his PBR.
2. I hope this is fake money.
3. Say what you will about Nokia phones, but those things took a beating.
4. Car fanatics seem to be well-represented with respect to custom coffins.
5. So glossy!
6. A classy Benz.
7. This is a giant golf bag to be buried in.
8. This wingtip coffin, for the stylish gentleman.
9. Extreme!!
10. This shark one is way too cool to bury.
11. Forever with your mermaid.
12. This ballet pointe shoe is so delicate.
13. This is an onion coffin.
14. This fish is also too cool to bury.
15. But this lion is my favorite. KING OF THE COFFINS.

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