This Amazing Hair Artist Is The Picasso of Haircut Portraits

Rob the Original is ridiculously skilled at HAIR ART. Prepare to be wowed.
1. Marilyn, a classic.
2. This monochrome Tupac is really impressive.
3. All hail Tim Howard.
4. Amazing!
5. Edward Scissorhands - very appropriate!
6. The King of Pop.
7. Such a rebel.
8. Lebron looks angry.
9. For some World Cup goodness, we've got Brazil's Neymar Jr.
10. And Argentina's Lionel Messi looking quite neat, actually.
11. Rob doesn't just do portraits - I love this rose!
12. This Tetris game is paused forever.
13. Lady Liberty shines her torch on all that have the freedom to have portraits in their hair.