20 Awesomely Creative Ways To Reuse Toilet Paper Rolls

When you use the last piece of toilet paper, do you look at the roll and get really sad about throwing it away? CRY NO MORE, FRIENDS.
1. Adorable Owls
Paint markers turn your rolls into magical little pals!
2. Pen Holder
Cover it with cute contact paper - with a magnet underneath - and have a convenient place for pens on the fridge!
3. DIY Speaker
Cut a slit in the roll for your phone, then holes in yogurt containers to get ad hoc amplification.
4. Cuff Bracelets
Your kiddos will love painting and gluing their own designs!
5. Gift Box
Just fold in the ends to hold little presents.
6. Party Favors
The gift box above, but with cute paper and candy.
7. Desk Organizer
Do you have a ridiculous number of craft scissors? Make a pretty place to store them with fabric remnants and glue.
8. Wrapping Paper Holder
This is so practical!
9. Cord Storage
Keep everything in its place!
10. Hairband Storage
I am constantly losing these things.
11. Seedling Starters
Get your plants going, then re-pot when they're bigger.
12. Scarf Holder
Keep your scarf collection in check. This one doesn't need to look nice because it'll be covered in BEAUTIFUL SCARVES.
13. Center Holder Thing
Have you ever wanted to fill a vase with ornaments, but you didn't have enough ornaments to fill it? NOT A PROBLEM ANYMORE.
14. Penguins
You need more penguins in your life.
15. Matchbox Car Garage
This is actually really cute - maybe the kids will put their cars away more often (or not).
16. Hair Rollers
Velcro rollers? I DON'T NEED YOU.
17. Fake Birch Napkin Rings
This is SNEAKY.
18. Towel Napkin Ring
Wrap it in a towel, look classy.
19. Bird Feeder
Get in here, cardinals! There's peanut butter!
20. This Gorgeous Thing
This is for advanced crafters only.

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