15 Completely Insane Things That Happened In Celine Dion Videos

If you're not familiar with the works of Canada's best French-Canadian chanteuse, you might have missed THESE BONKERS THINGS.

1. A ghost greeting Céline in a mirror.

2. That same ghost riding a motorcycle down a hallway.

3. Céline finding the motorcycle ghost and being horrified.

4. Céline practicing her acting.

5. Céline threatening to murder you while in a Bob Fosse video.

6. Céline wearing an Obi Wan Kenobi robe.

7. Céline watching a mime and a gospel choir.

8. Céline menacing the earth from a cloud.

9. A mass suicide.

10. This dance move.

11. THIS dance move.

12. Two guys swordfighting as a tree is carried by.

13. A sad lady seeing Céline on a TV. Presumably this makes her happy again.

14. This.

15. And this jacket and jeans combo.