All The Outfits in Weird Al's 'Tacky' Video, Ranked By Actual Tackiness

Weird Al, master parodist, is back with a new album this summer. Of course the first song he took on was Pharrell's ubiquitous hit "Happy," rewriting the words so that it's all about being "Tacky." A bunch of awesome celebs appear in the video in supposedly "tacky" outfits, but how tacky are they REALLY?
1. Aisha Tyler
This outfit is straight-up cute. MAYBE you could argue that the thing on her head is a little tacky, but even so - it complements the rest of the look nicely. Like, look at this awesome and not-tacky sweatshirt:
I ABSOLUTELY WANT THAT SWEATSHIRT. And those leggings. And those stupid glitter Uggs.
2. Kristen Schaal
I have STRONGLY considered buying this top more than once. I personally know at least one person who owns it, and it looks great. Her hair bow is cute, and that necklace, while bold, is a STATEMENT NECKLACE. It's supposed to make a STATEMENT. The only parts of her outfit I would call "tacky" are:
These pink beads. Girl, you're not at Mardi Gras. Take those off. They're covered in rum.
3. Weird Al's Second Outfit
These. Pants. Are. Everything. I would wear those pants in ONE second. The pink top does say "TACKY" in big airbrushed letters, but what if it said, like, "BROOKLYN" or "DONUTS" or "DANCE FEVER"? You know you'd like it. This outfit is great.
4. Margaret Cho
Let's start from the top. That hat is wonderful. It's like Carmen Sandiego and a Musketeer designed a hat together. The hot pink jacket is great and I think everyone should get one.

Now, let's talk about the yellow lederhosen. First of all, where does one even ACQUIRE yellow lederhosen? Second of all, I'M SOMEHOW NOT MAD AT THEM. The purple tights are perfect and as we ALL know, purple and yellow are opposite each other on the color wheel, so that's great. And those shoes. I have those exact shoes in solid red, but I really do think American flag was a great way to go here. FOUR STARS, MARGARET.
5. Weird Al's First Outfit.
The issue here isn't the individual pieces. It's the print mixing that's happening. This is advanced-level print mixing and Weird Al is not at that level yet. The shirt and jacket are BUSY together, but they both tell a similar color story. But then you throw in those orangey pants and the whole thing gets messy.
6. Eric Stonestreet
The real problem here is how cheap that jacket looks. Where did you buy that thing, Walgreens? Also that shirt was probably taken out of a Halloween store packaged costume called "70s Pimp Daddy" and will start on fire if you hold a candle within 10 feet of it. I do not want to address the pants.
7. Jack Black
Jack Black is the winner of the Tacky Olympics. That shirt was rescued from a box of unsold Hot Topic shirts from 1997, those pants should not exist in this dimension, and the pièce de résistance:
FAAAAAANNNNNYYY PAAAAAACK. I kind of want this fanny pack too though.
The video is here to see all the outfits in action.

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