14 Awesome Fashion Lessons We Can Learn From 1980s Glam Bands

1980s rock bands had the hair, the looks, and the poses that we should all look to for advice.
1. Twisted Sister
Lesson: the more accessories, the better. CHAINS. FEATHERS. STUDS. GLOVES. There is no such thing as too much.
2. Bon Jovi
Lesson: prints are your friend. Jon's paisley pants alone should prove this, but a RED TIGER-STRIPED GIANT BLAZER should reinforce the lesson.
3. Roxx Gang
Lesson: wear what YOU like, not what other people say is okay. Look at this man on the left. He is wearing a leopard-print unitard. YOU WEAR THAT UNITARD LIKE NO ONE IS WATCHING, SIR.
4. Motley Crüe
Lesson: vertical stripes aren't always flattering. Sometimes, you should wear a pair of pink and sparkle cheetah print leggings, obviously.
5. Motley Crüe, again
Lesson: a bold lip can elevate your whole look. Also, polka dots are NEVER a bad choice.
6. Heart
Lesson: solids can be just as dramatic as prints. This man in the metallic powder-blue blazer is working it out. Also: why NOT wear those metallic gloves? JUST DO IT.
7. Vixen
Lesson: Horiztonal stripes are not necessarily unflattering. Look how nice these ladies look! Also: stripey hair. Get into it.
8. Poison
Lesson: reconsider that lace pussy bow. It's probably not going to work. However, your vest that looks like the universe WILL work, so go on ahead with that.
9. Poison, again
Lesson: a printed suit can be striking, but be careful with florals. They can overwhelm you if your hair isn't big enough.
10. Stryper
Lesson: coordinating with your friends can be a cute idea, but sometimes it comes on too strong.
11. Stryper, again
You guys. What did I JUST say.
12. New York Dolls
Lesson: Animal print is a neutral. (This photo is actually from the 1970s, but I wanted you to see it.)
13. Def Leppard
Lesson: there is such a thing as TOO patriotic.
14. Cinderella
Lesson: you can never look sultry in a vest covered in spiders.

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