The 24 Strangest Animals Ever That You CANNOT Stop Looking At

Did you know that all of these bizarre creatures exist?
1. The Mexican Walking Fish
This cute little guy is a young Axolotl salamander, aka the Mexican Walking Fish.
2. The Goblin Shark
Holy hell.
3. The Star-Nosed Mole
This character has fingers. Instead of a face. And he EATS WITH THEM.
4. The Flapjack Octopus
These little dudes are so hard to find that scientists don't know much about them.
5. The Pink Fairy Armadillo
The smallest armadillo is your new favorite animal.
6. The Bergamasco Shepherd
These huge doggies have natural dreadlocks.
7. The Venezuelan Poodle Moth
Yes, it looks like a mammal. And yes, it is actually a moth. THIS IS CRAZY.
8. The Sea Pig
I keep wanting to call this the Sea Potato because it looks like a hellish, glossy, sprouting potato.
9. The Glass Frog
Yes, you can see its unborn offspring THROUGH ITS FLESH.
10. The Tardigrade
Considered "animal most likely to survive the apocalypse" by scientists. True story.
11. The Blobfish
Won "Ugliest Animal of 2013."
12. Leaf-Tail Gecko
Can you tell what is leaf and what is gecko? Because I can't!
13. The Cyclops Shark
Yes, this exists. But he was only discovered by humans 3 years ago.
14. The English Angora Rabbit
What a strange life this must be.
15. The Mantis Shrimp
One shrimp. All the colors of the rainbow.
16. The Watusi Bull
This guy's horns broke records.
17. The Lamprey
Yes, those are teeth. They're used to latch onto fish and suck out their blood!
18. The Coconut Crab.
Trashcan included to show scale.
19. The Sea Dragon
Seahorses have a gorgeously beautiful cousin.
20. The Angler Fish
His name doesn't even begin to convey how scary he is.
21. Pygmy Seahorses
These creatures are amazingly well-camouflaged by the coral around them.
23. The Aye-Aye
Awww, those cute-but-crazy eyes.
22. The Blanket Octopus.
Yup, sea creatures are definitely the weirdest.

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