23 Awesome Wedding Tattoos, Because Nothing Says Forever Like Ink

These people inked their love right on their skin in the most beautiful ways.
1. Ring finger tattoos are much harder to lose than a wedding band!
2. A simple band plus your partner's initial. Perfect <3
3. These delicate initial rings are beautifully matched.
4. Why stop with an initial? Get your beloved's full name like these folks!
5. Love these cute anchor "rings!"
6. This is a perfect way to never forget your anniversary!
7. Gorgeous tattoos and a gorgeous shot!
8. I hope these two got married in Vegas :)
9. Notice how the swallows are carrying a lock and key. <3
10. Same with these owls!
11. LOVE these brides' interlocking bridge scene tattoos.
12. Completely adorable Star Wars-inspired tats.
13. An awesome pair of tattoos from one of our favorites artists, Sasha Unisex.
14. One popular theme is skulls: here we have a matching bride and groom pair.
15. Til death INDEED.
16. Love this traditional tattoo take.
17. Combining skeletons AND rings!
18. This couple had a Firefly/steampunk-inspired ceremony.
19. These folks must really love Toy Story!
20. "One heart, one love" in Portuguese. This lettering is beautiful!
21. Infinite love :)
22. Of course, a plain band can be just as meaningful.
23. But something you both enjoy can be especially cute!

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