15 Totally Awesome Comic Book-Inspired Shoes That Will Make All of Gotham Jealous

Would you rock a shoe like this? POW! I would!
1. All of Gotham will be jealous of your sweet style with these.
2. These DIY beauties can be repurposed as STABBING WEAPONS.
3. A sensible bootie is great for scaling the side of a building.
4. Pair these Poison Ivy pumps with a green dress and a fern boa.
5. These sky-high Spider-Man shoes will need extra balance!
6. Here's a version you can wear to the office.
7. Storm the villain's lair in these heels.
8. You'll be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!
9. The mystery of Batman and the glitz of crystal combine for this dynamic shoe.
10. Not into heels? Try a Professor Xavier flat.
11. You can find plenty of Converse options for your comic styling needs.
12. Wonder Woman is a popular motif.
13. These kicks subtly hint at her outfit (well, as subtle as metallic red high tops can be).
Via Cool Things
14. And these fashionable flats incorporate her logo.
15. You can even keep it (relatively) simple: POW. And BAM.

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