The 18 Most Horrifying Repair Jobs You Will Ever See

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. And if it IS broke...well, don't call these folks.
1. What I want to know is: how did this happen in the first place?
2. The curtains aren't fooling anyone, buster.
3. This is actually genius.
4. Pillows: multi-purpose.
5. In case you're not a guitar player: this is called a capo, and it's not USUALLY made of a Sharpie.
6. "Uh, just, uh...put something over it. And a cone next to it. That's fine."
7. Honestly, who uses payphones anymore anyway?
8. Okay, this is just not a sink, you guys.
9. This cup kept falling over.
10. This seems...unsafe.
11. The point of a muffler is to make less noise. I think this may result in more.
12. This looks fun.
13. A Natty Ice cold shower.
14. Yes, it's a tube. Yes, it's filled with air. But that doesn't make this okay.
15. Hey: it's still a mirror.
16. The question is: how did they fix the phone?
17. This is sort of impressive, actually.
18. Ice bong: super classy edition.
19. No front wheel? NO PROBLEM.
20. Honestly, I bet this works better than those tiny plastic wheels.

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