25 Alpacas Who Went To The Salon And Came Out Looking Great

These alpacas know how to look goooooooooood.
1. The Marbled AC Slater From Saved By The Bell
2. The Rogue From X-Men
3. The Justin Timberlake Circa 1999
4. The Palm Tree
5. The Cheap Halloween Store Lion Costume
6. The Natural Uggs
7. The Hillary From Fresh Prince
8. The DJ Qualls
9. The Hair Pancake
10. The Smooth And Sensual
11. The Q-Tip
12. The Dirty Q-Tip
13. The Modified George Washington
14. The Space Helmet
15. The Carrot Top
16. The Built-In Yarmulke
17. Bangs vs. No Bangs
18. The Natural Sponge
19. The Half-Sailboat
20. The Shelley Duval
21. The Tina Turner
22. The Emma Watson When She Was Growing Out That Pixie Cut
23. The Actually In A Fashion Show
24. The Blond Rasta
25. And of course: the Taylor Lautner. Forever.

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