13 Terrible Tan Lines That Might Actually Be Works Of Art

These folks stayed out in the sun a little too long.
1. This woman looks like she may have fallen asleep with a windchime on her back.
2. Sorry, bro. You have to wear that hat forever now.
3. This lady is going incognito as her favorite dessert: cherry pie.
4. ...and her pal, strawberry pie.
5. This WAS a cute look.
6. This is the kind of solid tanline you have to work really hard to get.
7. I bet the swimsuit that caused this was really cool, though.
8. If you roll up your pants, protect your legs.
9. Simple solution to hide this one: tape that necklace back in place.
10. How did this even happen? I like to think he was wearing an asymmetrical shrug.
11. Those don't even look like your feet.
12. Do not fall asleep while enjoying some lap cereal.
13. And do not fall asleep with your hand in your pants. (Or do, just not in the sun.)

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