18 People Who Flawlessly Recreated Their Childhood Photos

Now that showing all your friends your baby pictures is de rigeur when it's #tbt, these people have taken it upon themselves to re-do those childhood photos that aren't *too* embarrassing.
1. What a little angel. And giant angel.
2. Bath time is a little more crowded now.
3. Seriously, you guys need bigger tubs.
4. Just normal.
5. She still loves the taste of Tupperware.
6. Commitment.
7. Somber Supermen.
8. Blissful Batmen.
9. Extra credit for the perfect shirts.
10. Road trips: same great times, now with hairier legs.
11. Swap out that Cabbage Patch doll for a real live baby!
12. Pants. PANTS.
13. Glasses. WELL DONE.
14. Some people know what they want to do in life at a very young age.
15. The Band-Aids on the knees take this to the next level.
16. A bride and groom made these for their wedding!
17. She doesn't *quite* fit in the suitcase anymore.
18. Hulk!!!

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