43 People Who Flawlessly Recreated Their Childhood Photos

Now that showing all your friends your baby pictures is de rigeur when it's #tbt, these people have taken it upon themselves to re-do those childhood photos that aren't *too* embarrassing.

1. Extra credit for the perfect shirts.
2. The pants!!!
3. Somber Supermen.
4. The Band-Aids on the knees take this to the next level.
5. Swap out that Cabbage Patch doll for a real live baby!
6. What IS this thing, Dada?
7. Road trips: same great times, now with hairier legs.
8. Just normal.
9. Bath time is a little more crowded now.
10. A bride and groom made these for their wedding!
11. Some people know what they want to do in life at a very young age.
12. Seriously, you guys need bigger tubs.
13. She doesn't *quite* fit in the suitcase anymore.
14. Blissful Batmen.
15. Literally the same clothes.
16. Both of the lap-sitters have GREAT faces.
18. Impressive balancing act here.
19. Best pals 4ever.
20. She still loves the taste of Tupperware.
21. A party animal from WAY back.
22. This is MY baby.
23. Another case of perfectly-nailed facial expressions.
24. Commitment.
25. ...so did this mom's.
26. 23. This mom's boys grew up big and strong. And big.
27. 25. A classic look.
28. 26. DOGPILE!
29. 27. What would be really impressive is if it was the same car.
30. HULK!!!
31. 29. Gotta love a good googly eye.
32. Pensive spaghetti.
33. The glasses!
34. What a little angel. And giant angel.
35. Where IS this baby?? A blanket hole?
36. The column actually looks younger!
37. 10 points for the outfit.
38. She really captured the joy of a baby in a basket.
39. Now their sweet baby drinks wine instead.
41. Supermodel, then as now.
42. I do still fall asleep in my food.

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