15 Looks For Fall That Prove That Fashion Designers Are Just Straight Trolling Us

Bear in mind: I would wear all of these. But, come on, guys. These look BONKERSSSSS.
1."What if we had a red skirt suit..."
"And then Cookie Monster ate it?"
By Marni.
2."...or Oscar the Grouch, that's cool too. But in that case, have her wear a winter jacket as a skirt."
Also by Marni.
3."It's basically a kimono business suit. But with like...a lampshade skirt over it."
By Kenzo.
4. "This is for Fall 2014, right? It's a little summery."
"Put a shearling jacket on it."
"But --"
By Burberry Prorsum.
5. "Ahhhh oh god I forgot to bring our fashions to the fashion show!!!"
"Ummmm...there's a stripey bathmat somewhere. Staple that on her. It'll have to do."
By Acne Studios.
6. "Bigger. No, bigger. Bigger than that. She should be able to carry a New York style pizza on her head with AT LEAST 4 inches to spare."
By Concept Korea.
7."But I CAN'T put any more prints on her!"
By Kenzo
8. "Okay, you know Carol Channing?"
"Of course."
"Her, but like...a disco Henry the Eighth version of her?"
"Got it."
By Thom Browne.
9."It's a sweatsuit...WITH MOTH HOLES."
By Chanel.
10."You know The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly?"
"Like that, but like...sexier. And with jorts."
By Tibi.
11."You want me to write 'FEAR' on everything?
"Even this fur stole?"
By Vfiles.
12. "I swear to god, if I see even one inch of her skin, I will rip yours off. Your skin. COVER IT ALL."
By The Row.
13."Like an alpaca rug, sort of, but if you dipped it in Pepto-Bismol."
14."But if she's wearing a mesh shirt, won't she be cold?"
"Put a giant fur hat on her. You lose 80% of your body heat through your head."
By Fendi.
15. "If the dress is just lace, how will she cover up her--"
"A scarf. OBVIOUSLY."
By Burberry Prorsum.

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