15 Taco Bell-Themed Cakes. Yes, Taco Bell-Themed Cakes. Taco. Bell. Themed. Cakes.

Listen. Baja chalupas were MY JAM in college. I get it. But these people REALLY like Taco Bell.
1. Did you know that there are MANY people out there who enjoy Taco Bell so much that they need a cake to celebrate it?
2. The shell is snickerdoodle. The lettuce is green coconut. The cheese is ORANGE STARBURST.
3. The BIG box. And sauce packets.
4. I thought those were real burritos for a second.
5. This is a wedding cake. The groom wanted the Xbox and the bride wanted the Taco Bell and I am so happy for them.
6. Just a big-ass taco cake.
7. Those REALLY look like black beans.
8. This crime-scene photography shows off this frosting taco so well.
9. Mmmmm...bean frosting.
10. Also a wedding cake. I mean. What.
11. Taco Bell actually had sauce packets that said this.
12. Someone airbrushed these. ARTISTRY.
13. The lime says happy birthday!!!
14. Okay, I'm pretty sure those are actual flour tortillas with cake inside.
15. I hope this person walked into Taco Bell with this cake.

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