27 People Who Are Definitely Having a Worse Day Than You

1. This drunk dude who just wanted pizza.
2. This guy's dad.
3. This resourceful soldier.
4. This wedding party right BEFORE the ceremony.
5. This home decor enthusiast.
6. This little guy who can't see light at the end of the tunnel.
7. This cat who is not enjoying the carry-on experience.
8. Mom and Dad.
9. This kid. And his grandpa.
10. This kitty who doesn't understand.
11. This twisting mom.
12. This car owner.
13. This cow.
14. Eric.
15. This kitten who is not amused by your nonsense.
16. This lady who fell asleep eating breakfast.
17. This equally oblivious sunbather.
18. This chap whose safari just got terrifying.
19. This dog owner who knows his day just became MUCH MUCH WORSE.
20. This sad pie-maker.
21. This victim of irony.
22. This victim of wedding drama.
23. This forgetful shopper.
24. This lady who just wants a quiet dinner.
This guy whose dishes are still dirty.
26. This person who REALLY wanted that cold soda.
27. This dude who is in serious need of rescuing.

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