22 Crazy Things That You've Never Seen Before In Your Life

WARNING: some of these might send you down a Wikipedia spiral. (I'm looking at you, #18!)
1. This flat cat.
2. This face made of hands.
3. This thing that paves brick roads.
4. A starfish eating an anchovy.
5. Chunks of ice surrounding a bridge.
6. Twisty bricks.
7. Melted glass after a fire.
8. This lady, who is the best.
9. How a 1-liter soda bottle starts life.
10. A shed lizard head.
11. This glitch cabinet.
12. Coin magic. No glue. Just physics.
13. Fool's gold in perfect natural cube form.
14. A golf ball from 1899.
15. An eggshell with 20,000 holes in it.
16. This most beautiful cabbage.
17. Wood chips being unloaded from a truck.
18. A SKYPUNCH. (Technical term: fallstreak hole. But isn't "skypunch" way better?)
19. The Fukang Meteorite.
It is made of iron, nickel, and CRYSTALS and is probably somewhere around 4.5 BILLION years old.
20. An eclipse/sunset. An eclipset.
21. This tree of goats.
22. This.

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