17 Sassy Receipts That Contained Unexpected Moments of Comedy Gold

Always ask for a receipt. It might make you smile!
1. Sprinkle Wagon is my Oregon Trail drag name.
2. I think this Taco Bell employee fell asleep on the Y.
4. Tasty!
5. Have you SEEN cardamom? It's hilarious.
6. "How much turkey?" "YOU HEARD ME."
7. That was my nickname in college.
8. This is my nickname now.
9. What it's like to hike through the Amazon.
10. Poetry.
11. "Are they thighs or wings?" "I DON'T KNOW."
12. Delicious.
13. To wash down the crunchy kids.
14. Even receipts can make terrible jokes from 2006.
15. Keep tryin', pizza place.
16. Wise words from a wise Autobot.
17. A bargain.

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