15 Terrifying Ways People Have Ruined Ramen Noodles

1. Ramen. Velveeta. Baked Beans.

Are we SURE this isn't just vomit?

2. Spaghettio and Beef Ramen Topped with Shredded Cheese and a Crumbled Nacho Dorito Garnish, Served With a Slice of Red Baron Pepperoni Pizza for Dipping.

Also served with an entire bottle of Tums.

3. Creamy Chicken Ramen With Hot Dog Slices.

Not gonna lie: I'd eat this. And then I'd cry myself to sleep.

4. Uncooked ramen noodles with a sriracha spread, sprinkled with shrimp flavoring.

:( :( :(

5. Shrimp Ramen Infused With Melted Cheddar Blocks Sprinkled With Pita Chips.

A classic combination: shrimp and cheddar.

6. Ramen Cordon Bleu

I have a FEELING that is 'processed ham food' and not just ham.

7. Cheesy Beef Ramen Boiled with Ham Served Over Leftover Mashed Potatoes.

This makes me sad for the mashed potatoes.

8. Pizza Hot Pocket Atop A Bed Of Ramen With a Sriracha and Ranch Glaze

Calling anything a glaze makes it classy.

9. Ramen With Chicken Chunks and Pizza Rolls

In case you're not hungry enough for a WHOLE pizza hot pocket with your ramen.

10. Week-Old Leftover Pork Chops on a Bed of Soy Sauce-Slathered Ramen Noodles.

Week-Old Leftover Pork Chops is my Rolling Stones tribute band.

11. Ramen and Canned Tuna

This is actually probably fine to eat, but it looks like someone's head exploded on this plate.

12. Uncooked Ramen Spread With Peanut Butter On a Plate Previously Used To Serve Salad

Hey, at least this person saved water by not washing that dish. Or cooking their ramen. Or showering, I assume.

12. Ramen and an Entire Can of Black Olives.

Are you salt-deficient? Here's enough salt for A WHOLE WEEK in one bowl.

13. Pop-Tart Ramen

This has to be a mistake.

14. Chocolate Ramen.

Is there a way this could have been anything but disgusting?

15. Pudding Ramen.


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