18 Totally Epic Sticker Placement Fails. Great Job, Guys.

We get it. You have to put that sticker somewhere. But maybe put it...somewhere else.

1. Oh good, it's a series.
2. The only way to describe these avocados? RIPE-ASS AVOCADOS.
3. It's like Doctors Without Borders, except without the doctors, or the borders.
4. Wait. What?
5. Twist: Eugene Levy was the ho.
6. Twist: Eugene Levy was also the ho in this.
7. Babies have, like, NO hair to begin with.
8. They call it the white whale.
9. Your grandma gave this to her friend Myrtle as a passive-aggressive comment on Myrtle's quilting skills.
10. This was funnier in the 70s when people called STIs 'the clap' for real.
11. Why would I pay $5.99 for something I can make myself?
12. This is actually good advice: ALWAYS DO IT WITH CARE.
13. This is just a really unfortunate visual.
14. Sex Poncho is my weather-themed Sex Pistols parody act.
Never Mind the Barometer...
15. Come out first to people you know will love and support you.
16. He will find the ass and bring it home. He's like the Liam Neeson of ass.
17. This was my nickname when I was a Navy pilot. Maverick, Goose, JellyAss.
18. This seems like a pretty good deal, actually.

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